Episode #11 | Media Bear (21-May-2021)

How did a devoted family man suddenly find himself on the
Alex Jones show wearing a clown mask and discussing the scamdemic?

When a person or team come up with a masterpiece creation,
where does the original idea (or energy) really come from?

Even if the world were to return back to the ‘old normal’,
is it possible that those with eyes to see can never go back?


Episode #11 – Media Bear

Recorded 21-May-2021
Published 3-Jun-2021


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Hour 2

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Appearances on: Fakeologist | Alex Jones

Media Bear videos featured during the call

I Wear My Face Mask in My Car – here.

National Correspondent Tracer School – here.

We’re Watching – here.

Introducing Hydroxyclean – here.

6ft Further – here.

Event 2001 – here.

Paint It Vax – here.

I’m Masking Alone Now – here.

[Other clip used – here]

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