Bonversations | Ep #40 | Cottage Remedies (22-Feb-2024)

What kinds of common ailments might natural remedies help to alleviate?

Do the irises of your eyes reveal what is going on in the rest of your body?

Can those who no longer believe in official cosmology still benefit from learning astrology?


Episode #40 – Cottage Remedies

Recorded and published: 22-Feb-2024

Part 1

Part 2

Members can find all Part  2 / aftershow / second hours HERE.

The second part of this call includes discussion about:

* The medical industrial complex and hospital births

* Iridology

* Alternative astrology

* The pros and cons of ‘lifting the veil’

…and much more.

If you have any interest in alternative health or independent research, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Cottage Remedies

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Production notes. Bonversations Ep #40. Recorded and published 22-Feb-2024.

5 thoughts on “Bonversations | Ep #40 | Cottage Remedies (22-Feb-2024)

  • February 23, 2024 at 8:01 pm

    Great conversation! Can’t wait for a second interview with her

  • February 24, 2024 at 1:28 pm

    i’m a shoveler… fully aware doing so is sub-optimal for both digestion and dining etiquette.

    i’m not uninterested in a guest’s chronology, but with limited time, prefer more of it allocated to the ‘juicier’ topics, as ‘getting to it later in the call’ usually never happens. but i’ve conveyed this so often i’m even bored of saying it : )

    had long wanted to try an iridology reading, but that desire had dropped off the radar for one reason or another. now seems like a perfect time to introduce it to my ‘health panel’.

    was always skeptical of astrology. even though some characteristics of Cancers, for example, are undeniable, i just thought horoscopes were too generalized. however, a couple of years ago I plugged my info into a psychological horoscope system by Liz Greene and was gobsmacked by the accuracy. regrettably, never took a proper deep dive…so many topics (and survival stuff), so little time, but I met Susan Jeffers late last year and that was a trip. i deliberately didn’t tell her much, yet she was able to ascertain some things about me using ‘her system’ that I cannot simply chalk up to cold reading or templated truisms.

    thoroughly enjoyed this chat and look forward to Amelie’s return visit.

  • February 24, 2024 at 7:28 pm

    Cooking food is basically just damaging it. You damage the nutrients plus you introduce industrial chemicals and carcinogens in the food through the burning process. This is true in all cases. It’s not a dogma, it’s simply fact. When you eat a rare steak with salt and pepper and whatever other spices added, it might “taste” better than eating it bland and raw, but it will always have less nutrients & more toxicity overall to the extent of the cooking or damage. Therefore, the vast majority of all foods eaten by all human beings on earth are doing not much more than slowly poisoning them into sickness and early death. However, early on, because of massive hormonal release that masks symptoms, a lot of people are fooled.

    “Taste” is an entirely conditioned faculty. In foods it is mostly a matter of sugars and spices which are intoxicants and have an addictive effect. You have to get your sugar fix and your spice fix. It’s got nothing to do with actual food or nutrition or healing or health, just instant gratification of a previously conditioned addiction. This gratification, as in the more obvious case of caffeine, feels good due to the withdrawal, but it is true for all the myriad of combined sugar & spice tastes people are addicted to.

    Fresh, unspiced raw meat (as natural as you can get it) has no “taste” at all in the modern sense, most will even consider it bland and neutral. Yet it is pure food. Your stomach will tell you this itself when it never bloats while eating raw meat the way it does with cooked. Bloating is your stomach telling you that it does not recognize what you ate as fully “food” and has to detox the “unfood” elements it before it can be digested. Bread will always give you bloated stomach, sourdough “fermented” or not. Whereas raw liver or raw eggs are instantly recognized as food and digested.

    Also, fermentation, bacteria and probiotics from animal foods are easy to get by just letting it rot and consuming it rotten or “high.” Rotten meat, stored in a jar, as long as the original meat that rotted was high quality, is meat that is pre-digested by bacteria. It smells funky or “bad” but once eaten it digests perfectly. The satisfaction is delayed and comes afterwards – so because you feel so well afterwards, you are willing to eat this smelly “gross” superfood that your whole life you have been conditioned against.

    Try this as an experiement. Get a carton of 18 pastured eggs. Drink two every hour for 9 hours until the entire package is gone. Do not eat anything else, do not even drink water since you do not need it, raw eggs being 90% liquid in fully bio-available form. Notice that despite the huge intake of eggs, which you could never consume in the same amount cooked, your stomach does not bloat at all. A raw egg drunk by itself is actually digested in under 30 minutes.

    Saturated fats cooked, in addition to being damaged, bloat up to 30 times their raw regular size. This causes inflammation which then has to be released from the skin, the largest organ of detox. It is almost impossible to get acne or puss coming out of one’s skin eating only high quality raw animal foods.

    All plants have oxalates or anti-nutrients naturally, some more, some less, but all have them. Raw animal foods have no anti-nutrients and can only be damaged through the bad diet or chemicals fed to the animal. So sick animal – sickening food. But with grains and such bread products, fermented or not, they are naturally harmful regardless of how they’re grown. Fermentation just reduces the harm a bit by adding some bacteria.

    So the formula is: maximize bacteria while minimizing toxicity. It is contradictory to say that Pro-Biotics and Anti-Biotics are both “good” for us depending on the situation. Nope. More bacteria = more bio = more life. More toxicity = less bio = less life. In all cases, more or less. More drugs = more toxicity = less bio = less life and vice versa.

  • February 24, 2024 at 7:35 pm

    “But what is intoxication? unless it be the loss of power to use perfectly a truth-telling set of faculties. If I walk unsteadily it is owing to nervous lies — and so for all the phenomena of drunkenness. But a lie involves the assumption of some true standard, and this can nowhere be found. A doctor would tell you, moreover, that all food intoxicates: all, here as in all the universe, of every subject and in every predicate, is a matter of degree.

    Our faculties never tell us true; our eyes say flat when our fingers say round; our tongue sends a set of impressions to our brain which our hearing declares non-existent — and so on.

    What is this delusion of personality but a profound and centrally-seated intoxication of the consciousness? I am intoxicated as I address these words; you are drunk — beastly drunk ! — as you read them.”

    ~ Aleister Crowley, “The Sword of Song” (1904)

  • February 26, 2024 at 12:19 pm

    I enjoyed this “White Pill” podcast very much. I can personally relate to having stomach issues…I would like to hear more about Astrology and clients who have been healed as well.


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