Bonversations | Ep #38 | Fakenukes Phil (9-Feb-2024)

Are we being lied to by both sides of the Gaza conflict?

How far back in history do these kinds of deceptions go?

What is happening to the western world and who is behind it?


Episode #38 – Fakenukes Phil

Recorded and published: 9-Feb-2024

Part 1

Part 2

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The second part of this call goes into far more detail about some of the more controversial opinions held by Fakenukes Phil.

I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Fakenukes Phil

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Links / shownotes

Intro track Part 2 – here.

Nuclear propaganda clip – here.

Downsides of activism – here.

Last Days of the Big Lie – here.

Production notes. Bonversations Ep #38. Recorded and published 9-Feb-2024.

9 thoughts on “Bonversations | Ep #38 | Fakenukes Phil (9-Feb-2024)

  • February 10, 2024 at 1:35 pm

    Tx guys I enjoyed listening to Phil. He seems a sensible person I’d like to meet sometime.
    Really good to get him back sometime & maybe give him your bullet points in advance to keep the convo on track.

    [I found some content on Batchute is restricted for me as ‘hate speech’ = my nation. ]

    • February 10, 2024 at 4:27 pm

      I wasn’t joking when I said that I had already filled my A4 piece of paper with notes, just 15 minutes into this chat with Fakenukes Phil. His intro monologue was epic, it covered the whole gamut of media and war fakery. I think we could do another two or three shows just going back through what we didn’t have time to cover in this episode. I’ll definitely try to get him back as a return guest sooner rather than later.

  • February 10, 2024 at 4:23 pm

    Indeed – the normies rarely behave in a manner consistent with their purported beliefs. Before CV, I remember people not travelling to MEX due to ‘Zika’. Fast forward – they got boosted like Mario Kart for CV and still wouldn’t travel to MEX (or elsewhere)… afraid of the plane passengers and non conforming foreigners. Alarmed about the strains parrotive abound – but at some point – all that anxiety seems to have disappeared. As though all of these demons were magically vanquished – and there are no others to be concerned about – of course until the next fearpornhub videos go viral – pun intended …

    • February 10, 2024 at 4:30 pm

      I am guessing that you are referring to the section in the second hour where we discussed the news concerning some prominent content creators whose personal lives seem to have gone pear-shaped recently. If so, it is worth noting that these guys are not normies by any stretch of the imagination. That (along with the fact that their material was inspirational for me back in the day) is what makes the recent revelations about their issues and lifestyles all the more eye-opening for me. WATTBA.

      • February 11, 2024 at 4:00 am

        that wasn’t who i was referring to, no. rather FNP’s comment about auto-believer folks he knows who are ready willing and able to go back to Nevada post paddock – or walk where the geiger counter should be off the charts, and so forth..

  • February 10, 2024 at 10:04 pm

    Thanks, this episode of Bonversations brought back some memories. I’ve listened to podcasts in the past, with Kyle Hunt, Tom Goodrich, Sinead, Henrick and Lana. After listening to both hours I started thinking about the claim that there is a disproportionate amount of a specific ethno-religious demographic in positions of “power” in the entertainment / media industry (specifically film). I did a quick Google search and found the link to the article posted below. Another quick Google search confirmed my suspicion, the people who ostensibly “invented” “Hollywood” are all of the same ethno-religious demographic, therefore is does make some sense that there ethno-religious kin are in positions of “power” in the media. Does anyone in the ACT realm ever point out who actually invented “Hollywood”?

    Established by ambitious men like Samuel Goldwyn, Carl Laemmle, William Fox, Louis B. Mayer, and the four Warner Brothers (Harry, Albert, Samuel, and Jack)

  • February 11, 2024 at 8:24 am

    Great first hour, looking forward to the second

  • February 11, 2024 at 11:34 am

    Even better than the first hour.

  • February 13, 2024 at 2:27 am

    The chosenite tribe mafia did not “invent” Hollywood, they took it over after it was already created and ran it. They can run it well because they’re 1) Ruthless and 2) Have access to funny money. Their senior mafiosos who end up becoming honchos and studio heads have access to counterfeit money from the banking class. Their competition does not. Outside the bankster sphere you have to work and earn your money – inside it you get unlimited financing. to bid away all talent to your side. And movies do not have to make money – nothing in the media has to make money – no matter what they’ll keep it going anyway since FEAR is the real currency here, not worthless fiat paper shekels. On the whole there are far more failures than successes in Hollywood. This is why at the height of the so-called 1930s “depression” they were making big budget films like “Gone with the Wind” and “Wizard of Oz.”


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