Bonversations | Ep #36 | Tim Ozman [3] (22-Jan-2024)

Why do so many people seem to want to believe we are living in the ‘end times’?

Does the kosmos really serve justice to those who try to harm others?

What’s in store for the independent media landscape in 2024 and beyond?


Episode #36 – Tim Ozman [3]

Recorded and published: 22-Jan-2024

Part 1

Part 2

Members can find all Part  2 / aftershow / second hours HERE.

Tim Ozman

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Links and more

Ozman at the Albuquerque City Hall – here.

Pew study regarding end times belief – here.

Outro track – here.

Wind turbine video – here.

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Production notes. Bonversations Ep #36. Recorded and published 22-Jan-2024.

One thought on “Bonversations | Ep #36 | Tim Ozman [3] (22-Jan-2024)

  • January 23, 2024 at 10:39 am

    That was great & very much look forward to the 4th, particularly on where & what are we.
    Excellent stuff


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