Bonversations | Ep #34 | Boogieman (26-Sep-2023)

What might it feel like to suddenly realise that one may have been sucked into a ‘truth’ cult?

After all these years, are we any closer to knowing how those towers came really came down?

Does it reflect well on a person’s mental health if they spend their time ‘tr4nsvestigating’ celebrities?


Episode #34 – Boogieman [2]

Recorded and published: 26-Sep-2023


I’ll publish a more detailed review of this episode soon, there’s a lot to cover.

For now, I’ll just make these brief points:

*This was an impromptu chat, I didn’t have notes prepared or anything, so we kinda went all over the place.

*There’s a few f-bombs in this one, sorry about that, I’m normally pretty good at omitting them when recording.

*If you aren’t interested in 9/11, media fakery, and truther inside baseball, you might not enjoy this episode.

*On the other hand, if you are interested in any of those things, this episode is definitely for you.

*If you haven’t seen Ace Baker’s ‘Psy Opera’ or Simon Shack’s ‘September Clues’, they are definitely worth checking out.


‘Debrief’ (Hour 2)

Members can find all aftershows / second hours HERE.

Previous Appearance

Bonversations featuring Boogieman.

Ep #09 – Boogieman (16-May-2021)

Links and more

Boogie’s recent chat with FarceValue (not recommended) – here.

FarceValue’s (much more productive) chat with dbuser / zombiedave – here.

Ace Baker’s ‘9/11 Psy Opera’ – here.

Smoke machine footage – here.

TV show clip – here.

Nat Geo footage – here.

Shack’s Cluesforum post:



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The producer for this episode was WarriorMonk.

Production notes. Bonversations Ep #34. Recorded and published 26-Sep-2023.

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