Bonversations | Ep #33 | Ethan Nash (6-Jul-2023)

Is modern society more akin to Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ than most people realise?

What might it take for an autohoaxer to question the validity of this framework?

Would you advise a well-meaning young adult to get involved in the ‘truth’ scene?


Episode #33 – Ethan Nash

Recorded 6-Jul-2023
Published: 7-Jul-2023


This Bonversation features five hours across four files.

Each file (roughly an hour apiece) focuses on a different set of topics.

This will take most folks a long time to get through, many won’t make it to the end.

In the next day or so I plan to come back and either write or record an overview and reflection regarding this call.

For reasons which will be obvious to those of you who have been here for a while, this was a special chat for me.

Ethan was the first guy I ever started creating ‘truth’ content with, back in 2014, alongside Lindsay the Silverfox.

Since then we have gone on ‘different but similar’ journeys, in both our research interests and how we lead our ‘real lives’.

In Hour 1, we focus mostly on Ethan’s recent feature article in the New Dawn magazine.

In Hour 2, we spend some time discussing:

The ‘truth’ business

Ethan’s time as a presenter at the Paradigm Shift summit

How the world has changed (especially for young people) in the nine years we’ve known each other

In Hour 3, Ethan goes into detail about his experiences following the QLD ‘police shooting’ in December 2022

In Hour 4 (which is simply the second half of the Hour 3 recording), Ethan reveals some startling information…

Note that much of what you are about to hear, Ethan hasn’t even yet told his own supporters and acquaintances.

I knew about some of this stuff, but I was learning in real time, as we recorded, about the crazier elements of the story.

If you have sincere interest in any of:

The medical industrial complex

‘JLB’ and my path to where I am today

The broader ACT realm / industry

Then I think you’ll love this Bonversation.

Even though each hour is effectively self-contained, the episode itself goes all over the place.

I appreciate that this is five hours of conversation, and I don’t expect everybody to care enough to listen to all of it.

Especially since some of it (particularly in Hour 1) may seem like material you have largely heard before.

Taken in totality, though, I think this may be the most comprehensive discussion about the relevant topics you will hear anywhere.


This is basically the story of two dudes who’ve dedicated a large chunk of their respective lives to trying to learn what is real (and what isn’t), and share their findings with those who care.

I probably won’t be publishing any new long-form material like this for a while.

If you make it through the full five hours, you’ll probably be able to arrive at some inferences as to why.

Final thing, there’s some Aussie bogan style drinkin’ and swearin’ and carryin’ on in the final hour or two.

I’m not going to make excuses for it but I will say this:

If it weren’t for a beer or two too many, in a Brisbane pub nine years ago, you might have never heard of me.

For better or for worse?

Perhaps we’re about to find out…




Members can find all aftershows / second hours HERE.

Ethan’s Article

The Epsilon Agenda article in New Dawn ($6 aud for the whole issue) – here.


Ethan’s website | youtube | facebook

ABC interview featuring the IVF expert – here.

SMH article featuring same expert as above – here.

End film clip – here.

37 Things Normies Believe – here.

News clip regarding shooting – here.

Advertising rates – here.

Coroner form – here.

Outro track – here.

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The producer for this episode was WarriorMonk.

Production notes. Bonversations Ep #33. Recorded 6-Jul-2023, published 7-Jul-2023. Available to Full Members.

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