Bonversations | Ep #32 | Jeanice Barcelo (29-May-2023)

Is so-called ‘ultrasound’ really as safe and effective as we have been led to believe?

Why has there been a dramatic rise in the number of children with development problems?

Who is at the apex of the medical industrial complex and and what is their agenda?


Episode #32 – Jeanice Barcelo

Recorded 29-May-2023
Published: 30-May-2023




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Jeanice’s main website – here.

Jeanice’s secondary website (radiation specific) – here.

Jeanice’s upcoming webinar (June 20) on the real causes of autism – here.

Jeanice’s books are available in pdf (here) and paperback (here).

[I purchased the pdf version of the Ultrasound book in 2019 and highly recommend it]

CNN ultrasound story – here.

RCOG paper regarding ultrasound – here.

1993 study – here.

Videos featuring the Rabbi – Part 1 and Part 2.

Jeanice’s appearance on Renegade in 2016 – here.


The producer for this episode was WarriorMonk.


Production notes. Bonversations Ep #32. Recorded 29-May-2023, published 30-May-2023.

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