Bonversations | Ep #31 | Lynn Ertell (18-May-2023)

What is the real purpose behind increasingly-common ‘school shooter drills’?

Why did Michael Osterholm appear on the Joe Rogan show on the eve of 3/11?

Are there any good reasons to doubt JLB’s claim that all of ancient history is a hoax?


Episode #31 – Lynn Ertell

Recorded 18-May-2023
Published: 18-May-2023




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Bert the turtle – here.

NBC story about school lockdowns – here.

When did sports cancel their events? – here.

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Joe Rogan clip – here.

Bonversation with Rae West (Nuke Lies) – here.

Bonversation with Epic Cash team – here.

Production notes. Bonversations Ep #31. Recorded 18-May-2023, published 18-May-2023. Available to Full Members.

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