Bonversations | Ep #29 | Maria Freefloat (5-May-2023)

Is pondering and discussing existential questions basically a waste of time?

Can some topics — such as Flat Earth and Q — be likened to cults (or even ‘psyops’)?

If certain ‘health’ authorities lied to us about the pandemic, what else might they be lying about?


Episode #29 – Maria Freefloat

Recorded 5-May-2023
Published: 9-May-2023




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Production notes. Bonversations Ep #29. Recorded 5-May-2023, published 9-May-2023.

One thought on “Bonversations | Ep #29 | Maria Freefloat (5-May-2023)

  • May 24, 2023 at 5:20 pm

    thank you both for a thoroughly enjoyable interview! 🙏🏼 here’s hoping y’all get to connect irl this summer! 😎

    of course your mileage may vary, but Maria’s pragmatic, no-nonsense takes throughout this Bonversation do remind me positively of my interactions with my own Greek friends. so perhaps for Greeks such as Maria, some amount of ‘cultural’ pride is warranted, if that pride has actually helped them internalize and deploy some of the worthwhile ideas and approaches of ‘ancient Greek’ philosophy. as discussed in the Bonversation itself, even such a modicum of engagement therein would put one head and shoulders above most folk who’ve been indoctrinated/retarded by edu-muh-caytions around the world. perhaps it’s just another hoax, but i still sometimes like to imagine a ‘time’ when the Trivium = basic secondary schooling. but that’s so antithetical to the turbo slide towards “Idiocracy” we’re riding now – even though the Trivium itself is intended to serve as a foundation for further and higher inquiry, the fact that today’s masses aren’t even at a foundational standard pretty much says it all.

    which brings me to consider the nature of NPCs once more: are there distinctions to be made, between NPCs who are a priori incapable of developing critical thought vs. NPCs who’ve merely relegated their critical capabilities by always living through appeals to authority, i.e., media, government, muh experts? or have i caught myself in a trap by entertaining such a distinction? not here to judge in the slightest, but i can’t help but think of the cases where individuals seem to live by appeals to authority despite seeming to have the time and intellect to reach their own conclusions – motivated, perhaps, by fear or even laziness. like some NPCs are just born, but some folk choose the NPC life for their own reasons.

    and then there are folk out there like Maria describes, in small villages of about a dozen people, whose minds appear relatively untainted and wholesome vis-a-vis the indoctrination. could be that Clown World honks, but they’ll never hear it.


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